What are the different Background checks?

What are the different Background checks?

People often have different meanings use the words “background checks” and “criminal record check” They’re two different things, though. We’re going to have to dig in and explain what we say.

What is a history inspection?Pre-employment background checks offer important information for employers into their applicants. These experiences make it possible for employers to recruit with more confidence. Why does this matter so much? Just easy. Bad hiring will cost money for businesses.

There are many different forms of background checks, including driving records, verification of schooling and employment, social media screens, and criminal record checks (just to name a few).

The foundational aspect of most job screening systems is known to be criminal background checks. Employers will also run other kinds of background checks, depending on the job itself, in addition to running criminal history checks (not to mention applicable local, state, and federal laws).

For example, if the work does not require workers to drive on the company’s behalf,  background checks search will likely not be performed by the employer. If the work requires online customer interactions, the employer can run a social media search to ensure that the applicant does not have a history of bad job-relevant activity in places such as Facebook and Instagram.

Bottom line: Background pre-employment checks help employers make better choices about recruiting. That said, it can be difficult to establish a legal, compliant and successful screening program, which is why it is always a wise decision to partner with a reputable provider, preferably one who is certified by the Professional Background Screening company

What is a verification on a criminal record?
A criminal record search, as we noted above, is one form of background check. Understanding the background of an applicant, especially the criminal history of an individual, is an important input to the hiring process. (And we would argue that, considering the number of states with ban-the-box laws that restrict the timing and placement of criminal background inquiries for job purposes, criminal history reviews are more relevant now than ever before.)

A criminal background review helps an employer determine whether the past conduct of a candidate may adversely affect the capacity of the individual to fulfill the position’s duties and/or pose a potential risk to clients and co-workers. Although not foolproof, past conduct is often predictive of potential conduct (we address this idea in more detail on our Screening Continuum page) and, in compliance with EEOC guidelines, should be carefully considered on an individualized basis.

The default reach is seven years for a criminal background scan. To the degree allowed by applicable law, expanded scope searches (10-year, full criminal history) may be assisted at an additional cost to the client. There are also several forms of criminal background searches: county, state, federal, and countrywide. (Read more here about look-back times and search types.)

A “basic criminal background check” is in the beholder’s eye and is purely focused on consumer requirements. That said, Good Egg provides a configuration of the base package that is the starting point for designing a screening program to meet the needs of the client.

How do we work towards satisfying the individual needs of a client? Well, part of our prospective exploration process is to understand their business, including the positions to be reviewed, the number of hires anticipated each year, and the budget allocated for their background check program.

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