Cv Verifications made simple

Cv Verifications made simple

If you have ever assumed for a second that the process of running a background check on your employee or prospects is a total waste of time, then you should have a rethink. It is most vital to run a background check of all your employees’ credentials during an economic challenge. At CVseal, we offer a variety of reference checking options and CV verification services that are intended to ensure that your recruits have authentic resumes and are well deserving of the job.

We offer top-notch CV verification services and background checks on recruits who will soon pave their way into your business or firm. We will also run a thorough background to confirm an individual’s employment history is as genuine as they claim it is. After going through this phase, as an employer you will be able to go to bed with your two eyes closed, knowing fully well that there are no bad apples in your business.

With an increasing rate of fraudulent CV manipulation as a result of the desperation from job seekers, employers are constantly being duped. This is why it would cost you little or nothing to trace those stellar facts about your recruits before you pick interest in them, only to discover later that their credentials were falsified.

While reviewing employment materials such as cover letters, resumes, and job applications, you should beware of the fact that a greater percentage of your recruits may be lying about something in their application form at one point or the other.

A study estimates that over 30% of job applicants lie about things in their credentials to appear qualified. It is now up to the employers to carefully and thoroughly screen employment applications to identify those who are either lying, exaggerating, or have manipulated sensitive categories such as work experience, educational qualification, and others.

In today’s job market, there are numerous fake degrees that job seekers use to defraud their employers. Being aware of such scams, we at CVseal will help you weed out those unqualified recruits and employees, thereby saving you time and energy.

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